Vita in Martial Arts

Shin - Tai - Ken - Ichi.

Mind - Body - Sword - (is) one.

This sentence expresses, that any martial art is not merely sport, but contains a component, which is pointing beyond sports.

Though what excactly?

This question came to me and accompanied me for 31 years of training and 26 years as a Trainer, in the meantime.


Aikidô, the art of encountering violence with harmony.

Practice since 1988.

4th Dan


Zen practice since 1992.

Sôtô School.


Iaidô, the art of drawing the sword.

Practice since 1998

in Aikidô Tôhô Iaidô

(created by Nishio Sensei).

4th Dan

Ju Jitsu

Connelly Ju-Jitsu,

a consitent and realistic self-defence.

Since 1999 the Ju-Jitsu of Sensei Derroll Connelly is an important amplification and inspiration.


Itto-Ryû, a classic Japanese sword style.

Practice since 2008.